Fitgun Pro® + Fitband® + Fitsocks®


Faster regeneration

The muscle relaxation achieved allows mobility to be restored. Such a deep massage is also suitable for removing adhesions in the muscle fibers or fascia.

6 essays

The Fitgun Pro is equipped with 6 different massage heads that are adjustable for all muscle groups. The vibration speed can be individually adjusted from 1800 to 3200 revolutions per minute.

Big massage ball

Suitable for massages on larger muscle groups such as legs, back, buttocks

Smooth massage head

Suitable for relaxing and massaging smaller muscle groups

massage fork

Suitable for massage along the spine

massage spatula

Suitable for relaxing the abdominal regions


Suitable for sensitive pain points


Suitable for pain points in the upper back region


Fitgun® heat attachment

With the Fitgun heat attachment, you can take your regeneration to a new level, because according to studies, heat treatments are 47% more effective than normal massage treatments.

It has also been proven that the application of heat directly to the tense muscle increases blood circulation by up to two centimeters and promotes better sleep.


Fitgun® cold attachment

This cold attachment specially made by Fitgun is the optimal solution for pain in muscles and joints. The cooling effect of the attachment reduces nerve conduction and any pain sensations in the muscles and joints. At the same time, the attachment has an anti-inflammatory effect and can relieve cramps more efficiently.