Fitgun® Massage gun

The original

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The original.

Our innovative massage guns offer a unique solution for effective relaxation so that your muscles can regenerate optimally.

Original Fitgun® Pro Massagepistole

percussion in depth

Due to the excellent amplitude of 10 mm, the Fitgun® Pro can massage the muscle more effectively.

Individual customization

The Fitgun has 30 different speed levels and can be individually adjusted for everyone.

55% quieter than the average massage gun

The brushless motor not only ensures a relaxed deep tissue massage, but also minimal background noise. A movie night would not stand in the way.

6 different attachments

Big massage ball

Suitable for massages on larger muscle groups such as legs, back, buttocks

Smooth massage head

Suitable for relaxing and massaging smaller muscle groups

massage fork

Suitable for massage along the spine

massage spatula

Suitable for relaxing the abdominal regions


Suitable for sensitive pain points

Suitable for pain points in the upper back region


6 hours of battery life

30 intensity levels

The original

Fitgun Massage gun

An average massage with the massage gun on a specific muscle area takes about two minutes each, the FitGun Pro can be used for 6 hours before it needs to be recharged. Thus, the massage gun can be used for a very long time without the need to be charged, and you can take it anywhere without worrying about the need to charge it.

Upon purchase The Fitgun includes 6 different types of massage heads. The reason for the many different heads is that each muscle area is a different size and using different massage heads can help the affected muscle recover better.

To keep things organized, the Fitgun also includes a carry case. The massage gun and all its accessories fit easily into this carrying case, so that it can be taken anywhere!

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