safety instructions

Battery instructions:

  • While the Fitgun Pro® is charging, the indicator light will flash. When the battery is fully charged, four red LEDs will light up and the number 99 will appear on the screen as an indicator. For your safety, avoid starting the Fitgun Pro® while it is charging.Precautions

    Do not allow children or people with intellectual disabilities to operate and use the Fitgun Pro® . Therefore, please place the Fitgun Pro® out of the reach of the above-mentioned groups of people.

    • It should be avoided to use the Fitgun Pro® on non-dry, impure skin surfaces. The Fitgun Pro® can be used on dry skin and clothing.

    • Avoid using the Fitgun Pro® on the head, bones and spine. Use the device only on muscle tissue and soft areas of the body that are connected without any pain or discomfort.• Avoid using the Fitgun Pro® on hematoma areas of the body.

    • Do not stand directly on the product and please do not sit on it either.

    • Excessive use will cause overheating or shorten the service life of this product. If the product is used repeatedly, it must be left for a period of time before use.

    • Do not use it in a humid environment such as a bathroom. Do not immerse the product in water or any other liquid to avoid short circuit or electric shock.• Do not place the product near the stove or in direct sunlight.

    • Do not use it during a lightning strike.

    • Do not insert objects into the device openings or drop it.

    • Do not cover the massager when using it, otherwise the temperature of the motor will rise and causing malfunctions.
    • Avoid putting fingers, hair or other body parts near the axis and the back of the vibrating head, as they may get caught.Maintenance Intervals• Wipe and dry the surface of the device with a soft towel.• Keep the product in the carrying case of the device and store it in a dry place.Warning• Do not drop the charger or damage it with carelessness . If the charger casing is damaged, contact Fitgun.

    • Do not touch the power cord with wet hands and do not unplug the charger by pulling the power cord.

    • Do not touch Do not use the product or the adapter with wet hands to avoid short circuit, malfunction or electric shock.

    • If the charger is exposed to rain, is soaked with liquid or is severely soaked, stop using the Charger and contact Fitgun.

    • The following groups of people are prohibited from using the Fitgun Pro®: People with implanted cardiac pacemakers who suffer from heart disease, overuse diseases, pregnant women or those who have just given birth, people with broken bones , osteoporosis, arthropathy patients, patients with malignant tumors, skin injuries or eczema, etc.Do not expose the battery to high temperatures or near heaters devices such as sunlight, heaters, microwave ovens or water heaters. Overheating of the battery may cause an explosion.

    • Do not disassemble or modify the battery.Do not insert foreign objects or immerse it in water or other liquid to avoid battery leakage, overheating, fire or explosionThe battery must be removed from the product before disposal .

    • Before removing the battery, the product must be switched off.