Massage gun: the right application

Massagepistole: Die richtige Anwendung

Before you start the application, you should read the following points. Because there are a few things to consider that are important for correct use with your massage gun.

The first application

First of all, you should think about the regions in which you have pain. The Fitgun comes with 6 attachments and each of these attachments is designed for a different body region.

As the very first essay, we recommend that you start with the massage ball. This is intended for larger body regions and is a good "starter attachment" to get used to your fitgun.

Turn on the massage gun. Always choose the lowest intensity level at the beginning and then slowly switch up so that you can gradually increase the intensity.

The special thing about the Fitgun is that our massage gun is extremely quiet despite its enormous power and is therefore ideal for one Movie night is suitable.

Your Fitgun can be used directly on the skin or on clothing. Since the fitgun has tremendous power, you'll be able to feel it through clothing.

Of course you can also apply oils to your skin beforehand.

Use your Massage Gun correctly:

The Fitgun is particularly suitable if, for example, you have severe tension and a muscle group is extremely tense. Of course, if the pain is severe, you should always seek medical help.

You see, there are quite a few things to consider when using the Fitgun correctly. Basically, all of these steps are easy to apply and nothing stands in the way of a relaxed massage with your Fitgun.

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