Massage gun for horses

Massagepistole für Pferde

For a long time, Massage Guns were reserved exclusively for top athletes or physiotherapists, but since the Fitgun There are also "non-athletes" who swear by the beneficial effects of a massage gun. But not only humans benefit from the Fitgun.

For horse and rider

The Fitgun helps with tension, muscle hardening and other Complaints, this applies to both humans and horses. But when treating your horse with a massage gun there are a few things to consider.

First of all, you should know that the Fitgun has large attachments and is therefore also ideal for horses. Since the Fitgun is wireless, you can easily and conveniently take it with you to the stable and massage your horse there.

When you start massage your horse, you should watch your horse closely. Every horse has its own pain regions and accordingly reacts differently to the massage. Experience has shown that the horses are significantly more vital and relaxed after the treatment. In the best case scenario, you save yourself annoying doctor's treatments and your horse just feels a lot better!

You can also easily clean the attachments of your Fitgun and use the Massage Gun for yourself.

In summary, one can say that the Fitgun is the perfect gadget that gives both you and your horse many hours of togetherness. Because you can easily clean the attachments, it is suitable for horse and rider.

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