Why physiotherapists use the massage gun

Weshalb Physiotherapeuten die Massagepistole nutzen

There are many massage therapists who say that they should only use their hands for a massage. However, there are many devices that are beneficial not only for the patient but also for the therapist who is very stressful from their work. One of these devices is a massage gun like the Fitgun. This massage gun is a device that can be used for both selective and deep treatments.

There are numerous reasons why physical therapists use the Massage Gun, such as for:

Deeper massage
Massage guns are typically used for spot treatments on muscle tissue that needs a little more.
The Fitgun Pro is able to penetrate deeper into muscle tissue than a regular massage with the hands. A massage gun is therefore very useful for deeper treatments, and they are very effective when someone is extremely tense, such as with a muscle contracture, as the deep vibration helps the deep and tense ones loosening muscles.
With the Fitgun you can choose from 30 different intensity levels, depending on your needs and the area of ​​the muscle group you can choose the right intensity level for the treatment.

Recommendations of the patients

Treatment with a massage gun can support the breakdown of adhesions and feels very pleasant. A massage gun, for example, provides deep treatment for clients who are not satisfied with hands alone, especially those with large muscles. With the Fitgun, however, you can go very deep into a specific muscle group and thereby reap all the benefits. In addition, the Fitgun is not plugged into an outlet, but has a rechargeable battery that can be used for 6 hours on a full charge, so a cord does not bother the customer.

The blend of manual therapy and percussive therapy with the Fitgun will ultimately yield the best results in relieving the client's discomfort.

Self treatment

Pain or tension in the body, trigger points in the shoulders, arms or back as well as aching hands or forearms are all problems that can be treated with a massage gun can be treated.
As already mentioned, the Fitgun can switch between 30 different intensity levels and thus set the desired depth and vibration. In the breaks between massage sessions, the massage gun can reach any part of the body and provide pain relief and relaxation.
Massage guns are Available in various weights and settings. The design of the Fitgun makes it easy to hold the Massage Gun and use it on both clients and yourself.Check

The massage therapist has control over where and for how long the massage gun is used. Complete control is possible thanks to the different attachments that come with the Fitgun and the speed functions. The Fitgun can treat a single area in 10 minutes, as opposed to a 30-minute hand massage treatment. The Fitgun is a highly portable device that can be used anywhere, anytime.

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