Stiftung Warentest criteria for a massage gun

Stiftung Warentest Kriterien bei einer Massagepistole

The Fitgun is an electronic massage device. The purpose of the Fitgun is that the impulses loosen up the muscles that are suitable for muscle tension or muscle soreness.

If you suffer from fatigue, high blood pressure, stress, depression or other illnesses, these complaints can be relieved with a deep tissue massage. The deep tissue massage can be treated with the massage gun as the fitgun can penetrate deep into the muscles and you can control this with slow movements .

The powerful hits of the massage gun promote blood circulation so that the tissue is better supplied.

The sensitive areas such as the calves need a low level, while then larger muscles need a higher level. For this reason, the Fitgun has the choice between a total of 30 different levels.

In contrast to all other massage guns, the Fitgun is, despite the 30 different intensity levels, with the help of the motor Fitgun silent while using the FitGun. For this positive reason, the Fitgun can be taken and used anywhere.

The Fitgun is very helpful for daily muscle relaxation at home, in the office or in the gym.

The Massage Gun is easy and uncomplicated to use.

Regular use of the massage gun is recommended for your own relaxation of the impulses, which can have a positive effect on the body.

The Theme

Since the FitGun is neither too heavy nor too light, it has perfect handling, so that you can easily reach the areas you want to massage with the Massage Gun. The Massage Gun weighs only 1.1 kg.

How do I use the massage gun correctly?

1. Read the instruction manual carefully and follow the regulations.

2. Wear or remove clothing according to desired thickness.

3. Position yourself comfortably to allow muscles to relax during the massage.

4. In order to reach the right part of the body, you have to put on the right attachment.

5. Use the Fitgun only on soft tissue or muscle.

6. First of all, start with a low level and slowly increase it. Then choose the appropriate strength that suits your own feelings.

7. Disinfect the massage gun and the attachments after each use of the.

What massage heads are there?

1. Massage Ball

Suitable for massaging larger muscle groups such as legs and back

2. Smooth massage head

Suitable for relaxing and massaging smaller muscle groups

3. Massage Fork

Suitable for massage along the spine

4. Massage Pen

Suitable for sensitive pain points

5. Massage Mushroom

Suitable for loosening larger areas of the body such as arms and legs

6. Massage fingers

Suitable for very specific pain points

Advantages of the massage gun

- The massage gun relaxes the muscles and relieves deep-seated pains such as sore muscles.

- Relieves chronic pain from disease.

- Reduces fatigue, stress and tension.

- Battery life of the FitGun lasts up to 6 hours.

- The Massage Gun is easy to use.

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